West Virginia coal mine life during the 1930's was tough. The Coal companies used the miners to dig the coal, then turned around and rented them company houses and sold goods at the company store. As these photos show, the miners and their families practically worked just to keep alive, while the mine owners made a killing.


Children living in a "Company" House
Scott's Run Mine -1938 Monongalia County
Near Scott's Run in Liberty, WV
Cassville, WV - "The Patch" in 1935
Miners Standing in Line at Pursglove mine.
Waiting outside the Company Store. 1935
Coal Mines in the late 1970s
Miner & Family walking for food relief.
Fellows dressed up on Sunday.
Ladies walking home with Groceries
Waiting outside the company store
Miners Gambling Miners Shooting craps
Playing Checkers Using bottlecaps