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Welcome to the Wildlife and nature section. Our picture selection is slowly growing. We welcome any photos that you would like to have added. Just e-mail and we will add them to our site.


Baby fawn - picture of a baby deer hiding in the grass
Beaver Dam - Photo of a small beaver dam
Black Bear - West Virginia's largest wild animal
Black Bear Cubs - Three little bears
Black Squirrel - Uncommon squirrel found in the Mountain State
Box Turtle - Pictures of box turtles
Box Turtle - Close-up
Bobcat - Beautiful photo of a bobcat
Cardinal, Female - Nice Close-up of our State Bird
Cardinal - Red cardinal on a snowy winter day
Cardinal, Male - Bright red cardinal in a Dogwood tree
Chipmunk - A loveable little one
Copperhead Snake - a poisonous snake found in WV
Deer -West Virginia Buck in the woods
Deer - Beautiful deer antlers on a 9 point buck
Deer - 8 point buck & doe in WV forest
Deer -Nice close shot of 2 baby fawn
Deer - Nice pic of a deer
French Creek Game Farm - Mountain Lion, Fox, Ground Hog, Wolf, Eagle
Goat Pictures - Not a wild animal, but very popular !
Rattlesnake - Rattler's are found in the mountains
Red Spotted Newt - Beautiful salamander found in the woods
Ruffed Grouse - Small game bird in the National Forest
Turkey - Male gobbler during a snow storm
Turkey - a few hens
Turkey - Nice shot of A hen flappin' her wings!