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Some prisoners were allowed to visit with family & friends. Just like in the movies, a solid glass wall kept people separated and they talked through a phone.

The Jail cell is where inmates spent almost every hour of every day. Some were allowed to work at the prison (for little pay). This is a picture gives a pretty good idea of the inmate life.

Older jail cells are filthy and dark. When it was cold, the cell was cold. Hot humid temperatures were also felt during summer months.


Jail Cells on top of cells

Rows of jail cells line the room. On top of that row is another.

Inmates are allowed to purchase or buy just about anything, if they have the money.

Most cells were bare with no writing or bunks.


Razor wire and electric fence was used to keep everyone honest.

The Moundsville tour had a lot of good stories. Charlie manson's mother spent time at the prison and Charlie Manson applied to be transferred to Moundsville.

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